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Friday, October 13, 2017

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From the early myths surrounding precious gemstones to their first discovery in India, China and Brazil, and the painstaking creation of timeless modern-day treasures, Lane Crawford takes you on a journey to immerse yourself in the wonder of the earth’s most beautiful gifts.





Known as the stone of heaven, jadeite is steeped in mystery and majesty and has been celebrated in all its beauty in sculpture and jewellery since the Neolithic period. In Chinese culture, jade was seen as a link between heaven and earth and embodied Confucian virtues of wisdom, justice, compassion, purity and modesty.


While instantly recognised in its vivid green hue, jade comes in various shades - from lavender and white to red and yellow - and given its range of luminous colours and versatility, it is becoming increasingly popular with both Eastern and Western jewellery designers.


Acclaimed jadeite jeweller Samuel Kung juxtaposes polished raw shapes with a traditional Chinese aesthetic and delicate diamond settings in pieces that are as timeless as the material itself. Neither standardised nor formulaic, jadeite's most important qualities are colour, transparency and texture, with the most perfect iterations glossy, glassy, almost luminous, as if lit from within.



As the Chinese saying goes, "Gold is valuable, but jade is priceless."




Throughout history the mesmerizing mystique of diamonds has enthralled kings and queens, moguls and movie stars, evolving into the ultimate possession. Emerging from the Golconda region of India, between the Godavari and Krishna Rivers in Hyderabad, this legendary diamond carpeted valley is mentioned in stories going back some three thousand years, from Marco Polo’s accounts of the wonders of the world to the voyages of Sinbad. In the passage of time, legends, myths and beliefs have intertwined to create the inimitable mystique of the diamond as precious beyond measure.
Objects of desire, symbols of power and status, the diamond has innate dualities; on one hand it is one of the rarest substances on earth, but equally, is formed from carbon, one of the most common elements on the planet; the diamond is at once ethereal and earthy, full of clarity and yet filled with mystery.
Today, in addition to the classic 4C’s of diamond classification (cut, carat, colour, clarity) Lazare Diamonds, focus on ‘Consistency,’ a dedication to the fine art of gem cutting that means every stone is cut to achieve its own personal perfection, with maximum brilliance from every angle.

Strictly speaking, any gemstone outside of the “Big Four” (diamonds, rubies, sapphires and emeralds) has always been considered semi-precious, and the term was originally invented by the industry to describe gems that were more abundant. However, important gemstones are now perceived as the ultimate in rarity, and therefore the ultimate in portable assets with high investment potential.
Contemporary jewellery designers are now utilising a rich colour palette that comes from gem mines across the globe. Italian jeweller Roberto Coin uses an incredible bouquet of coloured stones - from honey coloured gold quartz to shimmering blue topaz - in his architectural designs that mix and celebrate the brilliance and mesmerising hues of nature.
While on the other side of the world, the rich heritage of India can be seen in the cornucopia of colour used by Aishwarya, who select only the most dynamic and bold stones for their inimitable designs.
Discover the beauty of these bejewelled treasures at our exclusive trunk show in store at Lane Crawford Canton Road from October 9 - 25, 2017 and at ifc mall from October 28 - November 13, 2017.

Friday, October 06, 2017

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“I loved working with Gigi. Her sense of detail and her discerning eye for fashion completely won me over,” says Valerie Messika, founder and creative director of one of fine jewellery’s most innovative contemporary diamond houses.


Messika invited Hadid to create a special collection series for the fine jewellery label that is also celebrating the 10th anniversary of its famed Move collection. What Hadid injected was a punk spirit to pieces that are all about stones in motion. “There are at least 16 pieces in pavé, non pavé in rose, white and yellow gold. Earrings, endlessly transformable necklaces, a choker, as well as rings and bracelets that are designed to be worn solo or stacked together,” says Messika who first became enraptured by diamonds as a toddler.



Her father, a leading diamond dealer, used to bring home stones and allow the young Valerie to play with the gems. Early learning paid off. After working with her father, Valerie launched Messika in 2005 and a Paris fine jewellery atelier and flagship soon followed.


“I am always looking for inspirations on my travels, through architecture, interior design - which I am crazy about - by walking in the streets and looking at people’s attitude and style,” says Messika. The Move concept has many dimensions and alongside Hadid’s line, finds anniversary pieces inspired by the work of industrial designer Ron Arad and graphics supremo, Leoh Ming Pei.


The beauty of all these pieces is that they don’t just sit there and dazzle, they move and play.


Discover more at our exclusive Messika Trunk Show in Lane Crawford ifc mall and Canton Road from September 30 – October 20, 2017.

Friday, September 29, 2017

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Looking for a little something for a lovely someone? Keep the person you’re gifting in mind, you’ll discover an array of gift options that will perfectly match their personal style.


Modern Vintage 


The person you’re gifting for would adore a gift peppered with playful, vintage vibes and a dash of the novelty factor



The person you’re gifting for adores delicate hues, mood-boosting knick-knacks or anything with a stylistic touch
Bold School
The person you’re gifting for would love something bold with a playful pop of colour – and a hint of nostalgia thrown in for good measure
Glam Noir 
The person you’re gifting loves sleek black and white designs and glamourous metallic touches
Geek Chic 
The person you’re gifting for would appreciate a gift that fuses imaginative technology with sleek, modern style
Discover the perfect gift at Lane Crawford Pacific Place Home Store to make you and your loved ones smile

Friday, September 22, 2017

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BYT is an award-winning luxury upcycled fashion brand that rescues surplus luxury materials and transforms them into beautiful enduring designer pieces using socially responsible business practices.  Designed by an emerging design duo, Kévin Germanier and Victor Chu, the inaugural BYT ‘Trailblazer Trio’ collection features a timeless with a twist interpretation of the traditional blazer, trench and biker jacket with modern cut-out back details that were partly inspired by a discarded jacket found years ago from a clothing bin that was rescued through a creative DIY process.  The seven piece collection is created using upcycled luxury fabrics in classic colours of blacks, ivories, blues, houndstooths and pinstripes in an array of light-weight wool, cady crepe, and denim. BYT collaborates with and donates 10% of profits to sister charity Redress, an environmental NGO working to reduce waste in the fashion industry.  

Discover more at Lane Crawford ifc mall and online at






The EcoChic Design Award is a sustainable fashion design competition organised by Redress inspiring emerging fashion designers and students to create mainstream clothing with minimal textile waste. Designers are educated with the theory and techniques to enable them to create sustainable clothing via zero-waste, upcycling and reconstruction. The competition puts emerging sustainable design talent in the spotlight, creating a platform for the next generation of designers to cut waste out of fashion.


“As part of Lane Crawford’s commitment to supporting young emerging talent, we are pleased to support the EcoChic Design Award and its cause of promoting sustainability in fashion with the next generation of designers,” said Joanna Gunn, Chief Brand Officer of Lane Crawford, and one of the Competition’s judges.


British designer Kate Morris won the first prize, who demonstrated three design techniques of the future - zero-waste, upcycling and reconstruction - mixing handcraft and technology to create a bright and playful knitwear collection. 


“I believe the fashion industry has reached a critical point and I want to be part of the change – designing sustainable items of beauty for the masses is my dream and I am excited about winning this competition as it will me enable to contribute to a better future,” said Morris.





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and the press release and other information on the week here:
You can access the Finalist's Photo shoot shot by Wing Shya here:

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Lane Crawford, Asia’s iconic luxury department store, presents the highly anticipated capsule collection that won Gabriela Hearst the 2016/17 International Woolmark Prize (IWP), which aims to identify future design stars and showcase new and captivating interpretations of Merino wool through their collections. In addition, Lane Crawford is also featuring the capsule collections from the womenswear winners, TOTON and Faustine Steinmetz of 2016/17 IWP Asia regional final and British Isles respectively.



“As part of Lane Crawford’s commitment to supporting emerging talent and design innovation, we are proud to be the exclusive retail partner in Greater China to support the prestigious International Woolmark Prize and its winners. I am honoured to be one of the judging panels to choose the final winner among other industry experts in Paris,” said Joanna Gunn, Chief Brand Officer, Lane Crawford. “The technical innovation, high quality craftsmanship and incredible creativity in working with the sustainable Australian Merino wool by Gabriela Hearst, TOTON and Faustine Steinmetz are impressive. We believe that these winning capsule collections will appeal to our customers interested in wool as a natural fibre and premier ingredient in luxury apparel.”

“Placing Merino wool firmly on the world stage, the International Woolmark Prize shines a spotlight on the boundless potential and extraordinary versatility of fashion’s finest fibre. Strengthening our reputation for fostering emerging design talent, the prestigious award connects the decision-makers of the future with today’s leaders in retail and trade like Lane Crawford to ensure the inspiring and ongoing use of wool,” said Stuart McCullough, Managing Director, The Woolmark Company. “In this year, for the first time, the menswear and womenswear finals were held together at a star-studded event at the iconic Palais de Tokyo, Paris. The USA’s Gabriela Hearst was chosen as the womenswear award winner with sleek silhouettes and crisp, tailored lines.”



Born in Uruguay, Gabriela Hearst, the New York-based designer was praised for her technical innovation and quality craftsmanship. Her womenswear collection, inspired by WW2 Italian journalist, author, and political interviewer Oriana Fallaci, presents sleek silhouettes with updates on trench coats, pleats and an evening dress. “It is an honour not only to be recognised by the industry, but also to be able to work with such an exceptional material,” says Hearst, who spent her childhood growing up on her parents’ sheep farm. “Wool is an amazing fibre with so many inherent qualities that can benefit humans, and it has supported my family for so many generations."



Gabriela Hearst


Founded in 2012, Toton Januar and his business partner Haryo Balitar built TOTON on the foundation of Indonesian heritage, celebrating craftsmanship and re-contextualizing traditions. Their winning design explored the versatility of Australian Merino wool by developing and manipulating the fibre with traditional Indonesian methods to produce exotically embroidered and textured fabrics, as well as a men’s tailoring-inspired look that would suit Southeast Asian climates and support local hand-crafting techniques.




“This is simply unreal,” said Toton Januar after his win. “It’s the first time that Indonesian designers are participating in the International Woolmark Prize, and it means so much to us. We were so excited to explore and manipulate wool with traditional Indonesian craftsmanship, and give greater meaning to ‘people making things for people.” His business partner Haryo Balitar echoed “we want to make sure we support and promote the unique traditions and age-old techniques of our people.”



Faustine Steinmetz


For her winning womenswear outfit, Faustine worked with the raw Merino wool fibre, carding and dyeing it in different shades of indigo before felting it onto a Merino base fabric. “It feels so startling to have won and I’m really happy,” said Faustine Steinmetz, winner of 2016/17 International Woolmark Prize British Isles region. “Wool is the most versatile material and I’m excited to develop this collection for the international final.”



These IWP capsule collections are available at Lane Crawford ifc mall and Shanghai Times Square, as well as online at





Friday, September 15, 2017

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Meri Meri began in Los Angeles when Meredithe (who’s childhood nickname was Meri Meri) sat at her kitchen table with a pair of scissors, pens and a giant pot of glitter. Then the magic began… cue handcrafted toys and children’s accessories made with love and an adorable homemade aesthetic.



From dress up kits made for make-believe princesses to finger puppets designed to make playtime extra fun and adorable printed bedding sets, Meri Meri has everything you need to pique your little one’s imaginations.


Discover more in Lane Crawford stores and online at

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