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Friday, August 31, 2018
Bring Nature into Your Home

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Living in a concrete jungle can make you feel removed from nature - and not everyone can make time for regular escapes - but you can bring the natural world in to refresh your home, even in the midst of the city.  Bringing wood into your interiors is one of the easiest and warmest of natural materials and comes in a variety of finishes, species and applications.



Wooden objects have a timeless, effortless appeal, and it’s easy to see why - the material’s natural grain and warm colour draws you in immediately. Whether in rustic, chunky side and dining tables and dining tables by Alcarol, or the upcoming geometric tables from Heerenhuis Manufactuur, and nature-inspired works by Lys Import, the tactile textural element elevates the ambience from the typical hard-edged apartment to a cosy space that will welcome you and your guests every time you walk in.


Tuesday, August 28, 2018

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The Beauty Chef:





We are what we eat which is why a nutritious diet is more important than ever. Eating clean when you’re strapped for time isn’t always easy, but these simple additions to your diet can make all the difference.     





Eliminating “bad” foods such as sugars and desserts can be difficult, so balance out the nasty effects on your body by introducing more alkaline foods. “The idea is to create the optimal pH balance in the body because an acidic environment harbours disease and can be blamed for low energy, weight gain and digestive problems. An alkaline diet involves eating lots of leafy greens, vegetables and nuts,” recommends Elle Macpherson, Co-Founder of WelleCo.



Health experts stress continue to stress the importance of gut health and its role in aiding digestive and overall well-being. “Probiotic foods like sauerkraut and kimchi help boost gut health. Studies show that people with a healthier microbial profile in their gut have a better fatty acid profile in their skin,” says Carla Oates, Founder of The Beauty Chef.







Vegetables are a great source of nutrients and vitamins, but not everyone loves them. A vegetable juice will fill you up while providing you with all the goodness the body needs. “I am a big believer in vegetable juicing, which I try to do three times a day. I include garlic, turmeric, ginger, romaine lettuce, coriander, parsley, cucumber, sprouts and a whole lemon,” says Macpherson.




Fibre helps clean the bowels and move waste out of the body while nourishing the gut. “Eat more fruits and veggies which are high in soluble fibre which helps attract water and keep you feeling fuller for longer. Insoluble fibre - found in unpeeled fruits and vegetables, wholegrains and flaxseeds - is what helps to keep things moving along,” says Oates.




For years fat had a bad reputation, but now experts are uncovering its numerous benefits including improved brain performance. “Make sure you choose the right fats such as premium olive oil and sardines which are packed with omega-3 fatty acids,” says Macpherson.

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Born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina, fine artist Patricia Iglesias has channeled her artistic talent into a poetic line of pieces. Her artworks are inspired by the contradictory symbols of flowers that announce both beginnings and endings of life.

Having formerly worked at Cacharel and Lanvin, the Belgian talent is known for his signature pink colour - like a mixed up strawberry milk shade. This exclusive collection is defined by their daring cuts and ‘subversively sophisticated designs’. 


Lisa Marie Fernandez is the debut swimwear collection from New York fashion stylist turned designer. Resort-ready with vacation styling on the mind, this exclusive capsule will be a playful addition to your wardrobe.



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Tuesday, August 21, 2018

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From heritage luxury houses to streetwear brands, designers are demonstrating their love of logo more than ever. While the pared-back minimalism of the late ‘90s resulted in a lull period for the trend, the recent resurrection of “logomania” has ushered in a fresh new reinterpretation of logos across the menswear landscape.



You can’t go wrong with the logo T-shirt. Pair with denim, sneakers and a waist bag for an effortlessly en vogue look. Streetwear heavyweight Heron Preston’s iconic bird T-shirts have been spotted on the biggest names in fashion, music and entertainment.



Printed with striking logo, the branded long sleeve T-shirt by Palm Angels will ignite your lounging mood. It’s time to pick your trademark of the season.



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Friday, August 17, 2018

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We often read about how to improve our energy levels, but what about the energy levels of our environment? One way is with crystals, which have been used around the world for centuries due to their ability to balance and direct energy, creating a positive and harmonious environment. German studio VitaJuwel creates gem-based water bottles to infuse water with energy, while  ANNA by RabLabs creates functional objects with a chic decorative element. Objet de Curiosité draws inspiration from the extraordinary to create eclectic curiosities that rejuvenate the home.




Lane Crawford is also pleased to present an exclusive capsule collection of crystals in collaboration with Stoned Crystals in Australia. From healing amethyst and quartz objects to singing bowls, crystals are not only an eye-catching decorative touch but also a multi-sensory experience that brings energy to your home.





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Tuesday, August 14, 2018

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Few things are as refreshing as a good night’s sleep. It helps memory, attentiveness, productivity, and of course, our general well-being. But many of us live in a state of continual sleep deprivation. To help, we asked Hong Kong-based, internationally board-certified sleep physiologist, sleep science coach and founder of Sleep HQ, Kate Bridle, for her thoughts on how we can sleep longer and more deeply.



Eye relaxation is important as part of whole-body relaxation, which impacts significantly on sleep. Try giving yourself an eye massage before bed or using a warm compress to relax eye muscles and relieve dry eyes.


Kate says: “A great trick to relax eyes before you go to sleep is to soak a small towel or microfibre cloth in hot water. Squeeze any excess water out, lie down in a dark bedroom and place the cloth over your eyes. Focus on relaxing all facial muscles and keep the cloth in place for five minutes as part of your relaxing bedtime ritual.“





Recent studies including one from the US National Institutes of Health have shown that breathable material is best – that could be silk, wool or cotton. If you choose cotton, don’t be seduced by thread count – it doesn’t necessarily indicate quality. And very high thread count means the fabric might not breathe well. The maximum should be about 500.



Kate says: “Investing in good bedding is important. High-quality, breathable sheets are known to promote better sleep through improved body temperature regulation. Keeping your bedding clean and well-aired is also important. Low body temperature and comfort are significant factors in better sleep quality.” 




Exposure to blue light – the type commonly emitted by digital devices – suppresses our “sleep hormone” melatonin. This is particularly bad at night, as it disrupts our circadian rhythms and may lead to long-term health effects, according to Harvard researchers.


Kate says: “Light is the main external influence on our sleep-wake cycle, and unfortunately we live in a world of artificial light. Stick to ‘warmer’ low-light lamps in the hour before bed to ensure your brain can start preparing for sleep adequately – candlelight is also excellent in that time.”







Meditation is a great way to relax before bed. For beginners, simply sit or lie comfortably, close your eyes, breathe naturally and focus on your breathing and the way your body moves with it.

Kate says: “Many of us are always on the go, so our bodies are in a chronic state of stress or ‘high alert’ and we find it hard to switch off at night. Meditation is a way to calm and focus the mind, to prevent ourselves from worrying about things that may have happened during the day or that may happen the next day. It helps us to control which hormones are surging around our body, switching from those associated with stress and worry to those that help us to rest and relax. I recommend that around 30 minutes before bed, you write a list of anything you need to do tomorrow – putting it on paper gets it off your mind – followed by 10 to 15 minutes of meditation. Apps are excellent help for beginners.”




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Friday, August 10, 2018
Material World

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Green is officially the new black as more fashion brands have started to incorporate eco-fabrics into their collections. Thanks to developments in technology, the next generation of environmentally friendly materials are high in quality, and both look and feel good so you can be fashionable and still have a conscience.


Stella McCartney has embraced eco-fabrics since it was founded and is still leading the game with alternative materials such as bio-fabricated silk and a new type of leather made from the roots of a mushroom. Emerging designers such as Auckland-based Maggie Marilyn and New York label Tome have also committed to using sustainable fabrics such as organic cotton and ethically produced silks.




In order to reduce harmful impact on the environment, Australian brand Bassike ensures their denim mill uses eco-technology water systems to treat and re-use the indigo dye for their fabrics. In California, Tortoise’s denim is treated and washed using a chemical-free ozone technology along with natural and biodegradable additives.


Who says fashion can’t make the world a better place?



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